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I'm an addict named Kat. I grew up right here in Bel Air, Maryland and went to Bel Air High. An abusive relationship and the passing of my father helped to push me down into the dark cycle of addiction. It took me to places I never would have imagined for myself, including multiple jails and treatment facilities. I finally found myself kicked out of my last treatment stay, and sent to a recovery house in Annapolis. That's where my life started to truly change. I started with nothing and kept putting one foot in front of the other. The 12 steps are what work for me, and today my job helps other struggling addicts find what works for them to achieve recovery. I get to be a mom today, and soon to be a wife. If you would've told me 4 years ago that my life would be so full of blessings, I would have assumed you were high too. I don't share my story to get the "atta girl" response, I share it to let the broken addict like me know that recovery is possible. There is always hope.

Photo/Image courtesy of Emily Anne Photography


Addiction continuously brought me to dark places. I ruined every relationship in my life, stole from family and friends, wasted years in jail, and lost all hope in life. I was a cold-hearted individual. I didn’t believe that a new way of life was possible. Throughout the recovery process; I have found a new way of life, and gained a better understanding of myself. I now have amazing relationships with family and friends. I am a proud father. I work as the program manager of a treatment center. I thank God each day for the continuous blessings that I receive each day and I strive to help the still sick and suffering addicts find recovery; so that they may reach their full potential and enjoy life.

Photo/Image courtesy of Emily Anne Photography

Photo/Image courtesy of Emily Anne Photography


I’m Lydia, and I’m definitely an addict. I grew up in Bel Air, MD. I graduated from C.Milton Wright in 2013. During those days, I never thought I would be calling myself a recovering addict just a few years away. One night was all it took for me, next thing I knew...I was addicted to drugs. Addiction took me down a very lonely, dark, scary road. It took me away from my family and friends. I thought my drug dealer was my best friend. I chased and chased my High every single day, I had no idea who or what I was. I was broken. Until one day, my family found all of my “goodies”. I stayed in the denial stage for about 3 hours, but they knew what was up...and then I was put into treatment, I surrendered. I had enough. I knew this was not the way to live life, and I was given an opportunity for a way out of this. So I took it, I stayed for 28 days. I started seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, I was realizing there was some hope out there, and that it was possible for me to recover, and get my life back. Today, I am so grateful to call myself a recovering addict. I am a girlfriend, friend, daughter, and employee, I show up every single day for life...even when my disease tells me not to. If someone were to have told me how my life would be today, I would have thought they were crazy. Recovery is possible. Give yourself a chance, give hope a chance, and love yourself. You deserve the life beyond your wildest dreams, just like me.

If you are in active addiction, please know that we understand your pain. There IS hope. #WeDoRecover #RecoveryIsPossible 

Photo/Image courtesy of Emily Anne Photography

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