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 How To Live Without Your Addicted Loved One

A grief support group to help provide resources, compassion, and understanding for families or individuals who have had a loved one die as a result of substance abuse disorder/addiction.


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Level II Sober Living Houses for Women In Recovery

Rage Against Addiction hopes to provide more quality options to addicts in transition between rehab and recovery.  This is a critical time when positive support is needed to stay on the path.  Based in the suburbs of Harford County, Maryland, the RAA sober living houses will be a place of possibilities with the support of those who care. 

We are pleased to announce the

opening of our 2nd sober living house!

Sister House will officially open on May 4, 2020 and will be accepting residents. Please contact Rachel Bongiorno at Rachel@rageagainstaddiction.com for more details.

In accordance with Maryland's COVID19 Stay At Home Order, issued by Governor Hogan, Daughter's House and Sister House will be following strict guidelines upon admission and during the length of stay to ensure the safety and health of our residents. Please visit here for more information. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

 Supporting Children of All Ages Who Have Been Affected By Addiction

Kids are affected by addiction too. Children of all ages experience confusion, fear, worry, sadness, and anger but children show and express their feelings differently.


Rage Club is designed to provide positive activities and support during difficult times through coping skills to help children better understand their feelings.


Rage Club consists of fun activities including swimming, trampoline jumping, sports, and games. Group lunch and counselor-led hang outs touch on understanding and expressing feelings in a healthy way.

RAA ABC (After Baby Care)
Empowering New Mothers in Recovery

Providing postpartum care packages for mother and baby.


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