Hear Us Roar!

This is a post that we just had to share...

Out the ashes comes hope. Strength. And Courage.

Michael our courageous Lion

We now have a PROUD Mascot for Rage Against Addiction's RAGE CLUB 💚💚💚 Michael has put his heart into Rage Against Addiction. He has taken his involvement very seriously and wants to share his story and help other children that have been affected by addiction. "I really had no idea how to navigate Motherhood with the loss of Ryan, let alone an Overdose, but have managed with the help of a lot of people, especially my VILLAGE! Y'all this is real life, real people, real families being affected! When I say affected I mean LIFE CHANGING! I look at Michael and wish that everyone could get a glimpse of who he is and what he has done the past 3 years and how big his heart is, how much he cares, how he has 0 judgment, how he wants to help other people in recovery, how he wants to share his story with other children, and adults. I couldn't be more PROUD! A big THANK YOU to Wendy Beck Messner and Rachel Bongiorno for giving us the opportunity to be a part of RAA and giving us more love and support that we could have asked for! This Lion costume represents so much more to me, I see COURAGE from a 10-year-old boy that despite his fears and heartache has kept on going and continues to love without hesitation.

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